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I wrote Cowboy as an anthem for women’s empowerment. I feel like a constant theme of dating as a woman in your twenties is feeling like men see you as a new shiny thing that’s meant to smile and listen to them talk. I’ve felt frustrated in previous relationships wherein my personality and dreams were stifled by men wanting me to be traditional. I felt like I had to be somebody else in order to keep said relationships alive, and as we all know, that never works. “Cowboy” is about taking your power back and being the badass vigilante bandit you really are. I hope it empowers fem-identifying people to be themselves and honor their truth, no matter how uncomfortable it can feel. You ARE the cowboy, not some dude’s smiley prop. 

Natalie Carr is a singer/songwriter from Stamford, CT, who is currently based out of Charlotte, NC. Carr got her start, learning piano and guitar at a young age, and turned to penning her own lyrics as she grew up. Since 2019, Carr has been releasing singles in the Pop/R&B lane, and takes influence from crossovers artists such as Kehlani, SZA, and Halsey. She has been fortunate enough to be featured in Lyrical Lemonade, EarMilk, and This Is RnB, as well as national and international radio via her 2020 release of ‘Sad Little Rant.’ She was also featured on both Spotify and Tidal editorial playlists as of last year. Carr prides herself on writing music in all genres for herself and other artists.